Monday, July 27, 2009

Back in the day.....

Me & my cousin John....
Im rocking the blue sweat suit, he's got the acid washed jeans and the OG looney tunes shirt.
This was a good 20! YEARS ago....... damn.
He found the picture somewhere, we scanned it a few days ago, but damn we're still mad close and that little tree behind us, is about 50 feet tall now.
Crazy how time flies.

Only in NYC.

Had to get a picture of this..... this whole senario had me crackin' up.

She's walking with a helmet on, while dude pushes the bike. I guess it was a precautionary act, alot of cracks in those pavements, had she tripped, her big ass helmet would of secured the safety of her head.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Help me name our Dog, Vol. Shiba Inu

So, we might be getting a Shiba Inu, its an ancient Japanese dog breed. Well mannered, intelligent, independent, and friendly.

He's about 3 years old, neutered, house broken, and likes to kick it with people.

The chances of getting him is pretty high, its through a friend who rescues dogs from shelters, gets them their shots and all that. So, we'd be doing a good deed aswell as getting a companion.

Since he's Japanese im considering naming him DOJO!! Help me and Katie pick a name for him, because chances are he will be our Dog pretty soon.

And yes, these are Pics of him.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Excellent Barack Obama Impersonator

Check The Video.

WOW! Dude had me rollin, uncanny impersonations...

Yeh, i might need a late pass on this, but shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, i LOL'D.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Ever have a dream where you wake up and can remember specific names or locations you dreamed about?

Okay, so I just kinda turned 25, late May, and never in my life have I ever had a dream where i could wake up and remember a name, or specific place I was. I won't get into details, but i'm just curious, if people normally can remember a certain name they were told in a dream, or read in a dream. Or a certain street sign, they read or were told. Things of that nature.

I usually remember dreams, but I don't ever recall remembering names, titles, streets, or locations. Maybe its my "elder wisdom" ..maybe its the Milky-ways I eat before i go to sleep now.. maybe its having my lovely girlfriend next to me everynight, which gives me the security to not have to concern myself outside of dreamland, while I dream, which allows me to be indepth during my dreams now............. okay that was a little deep for some of yall....

Anyways, who has dreams like this, and tell me about them.

Hip-Hop Horray

Few topics at hand. One being the release of SHYNE! Free-at-last.

Remember Shyne? Dude was riding with puff, until poppa-diddy-pop dropped dimes on dude quicker than undercover gay rappers. Well, Shyne is out of prison. I expect music from him real soon, the anticipation for new Shyne Po music isn't as great as before but none the less, im sure dude has something to say. We'll see how this plays out...

So, what about Slaughterhouse? They've been buzzing hard this week, with that OnDaSpot freestyle up at the Green Lantern Show..(Joel went in the hardest). Their album comes out in August, and im expecting it to be something we haven't heard ina while. Some good Hip-Hop, that puts clowns in place. I Guess that D-O-A track Jay put out is rubbing off on dudes. Yep, ya colors too bright, ya voice too light.....

I was checking out and I came across a dude by the name of Mayer Hawthorne. I was taken back by the refreshing music he's been dropping. Mayer Hawthorne and The County initially dropped these "A Few Tracks" as a joke, due to its old Mo-town-ish sound. But damn, his shit is well arranged, cleverly sang and written, and what a change to actually hear background vocals being sang by other people other than the main vocalist. Its like Smokey Robinson meets J Dilla. Check out his video for "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out"

So I hear Raekwon is upset with Nas for ducking out on him hard. Chef has been trying to get Nas to feature on OBF Cuban Linx II, and I guess Nas has been giving him the cold shoulder, word to Adele. Rae sounds upset.... Beef? Diss Records? Hopefully....

How many rapers you think will get on that Jay-Z Death of Autotune beat? A Milli?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nature Walk

It was an overcast Tuesday, not much to do besides work, and chill. So me and the Woman decided to find "Cattus Island" one of New Jersey's many National Parks. Lucky for us, it was about ten minutes away, and right near a known shopping center. We drove in, parked the whip, and began an escapade never charted before.. (by us).

Cattus Island, isn't THAT nice i guess, its just a giant Marsh, with lots of trails, quiet, beautiful in its own way i guess.

However, there was a "Butterfly Garden" but I ain't see no Butterflies.....

Anyways, after getting past the overwhelming Flutterby Garden, we got on a trail. Surrounded by trees we eventually came across a clearing, and were now surrounded by marsh. THEN! All of a sudden! Could it be?! ...A Tree was spotted, leaning like a worn down timberland sole.. (you know the gumby fade on the back) it leaned towards the marsh water, as if it was dying of thirst, and natural instinct forced it wayward, like a wilted flower bending for a drink. But the Tree looked like natures own hammock, so i laid on it (thanks Katie).

After this short rest, we kept it moving. A crossroad was up ahead, but beyond the path were two trees, isolated like lonely outcasts listening to gangster rap. Photo opp was on the horizon...

but i needed to get closer...

Now that i was winded, it was time to head back to civilization.

Whew..... word to Steve Irwin, this nature shit is tough.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mos Def - The Ecstatic

First off, Shouts Out to Asia Kismet for reminding me on this release.

Ahhhhhhh, finally something worth listening to, Mos Def's "The Ecstatic" is perfect IMO. I've been anticipating this album, but kinda forgot about it. However, I will remember to listen to it daily now. I probably played it like 4 times today, FUCKING DOPE SAUCE....

If you aren't a fan, give this a listen and you will be. If you are somehow disappointed with this album, kill yourself. Yes, i'm cosigning. Last joint i did this for was probably Foreign Exchange's "Leave it All Behind"... so no, i'm not your typical Hip-Hop fan. Anyways, its a dope album, different, refreshing, clever topics, clever lyrics, clever production arrangement, much props to Mad Lib, and DILLA!!!!

Oh yeah, check out "Jay Stay Paid", Dilla's highly anticipated recently released album. RIP to the best ever!

Here's a track listing of Mos Def's "The Ecstatic"


If you're a true fan and you need a download link so you can give it a play BEFORE YOU BUY THIS ALBUM, ill hook it up, if needed. But purchase this shit, and support real Music, not just real Hip-Hop.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Natalie Portman Spitting Fire!

P is for Portman! P is for Pussy!


Friday, May 22, 2009


No, his name is actually Ralphie, but Katie has been calling him Bruno for some funny reason.

Katie and I have been house/dog sitting for my Aunt, for a few days. Nothing Major, because I live about five minutes away. But Ralphie is a pain in the ass, he's a Springer Spaniel, and a stubborn fuck, annoying as hell, and a sloppy little bastard. Always licking, and coughing and doing all sorts of unGodly things.

We dont necessarily have to walk him, bcuz the backyard is big enough for him to shit and piss all over.

This little fuck woke me up at 5:22am this morning, gets to the backdoor, and stands there waiting for me to step outside before he laid a paw out the house. Audacious cunt.

So my task was to take care of "Bruno." While Katie has the pleasure of watering all the plants/gardens my Aunt has. Not a big deal, but theres all sorts of wildlife back there. Bugs, Bee's, Birds, Catterpillars, SPIDERS! Yeh, all the things Katie loves...laugh out loud. So she's a little precautious while watering some plants.....chump.

Anyways, after the Woman gets out the shower, were gonna get some grub.

I smell some nasty shit, and Ralphie is right below me, sprawled out like a fucking lurch, whatever that is. "Bruno The Shitface" strikes again.

We Love him though. Any stains will be blamed on him :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Something for the Lady.

My outlook on life has drastically changed over the past 20 days. The reason for that being, i've spent 24/7 of those 20 days, with my Girlfriend. She has opened my eyes on many things. Mainly, she showed me unintentionally, how to feel confident with being myself. See, i can't be anyone but me, and now knowing she Loves me, for who i am, allows me to be carefree on judgement. Her smile every morning gives a new appreciation to Life, to Love. She makes me more ambitious and want to be a better man. These are bold statements, however, her acceptance of me, gives me the freedom to be as profound as possible.

My family LOVES her, which is seldom. But they truely adore her. She doesn't show off for approval, she just chills, converses, laughs, and you can tell she is comfortable. That in itself, is all my family would need for approval. Someone who is comfortable with themselves, goes a long way. Plus they trust my judgement.

So to my Girlfriend, my bestfriend, my woman and Love. Thank you. Thank you for helping me find myself, for the laughter, joy and content you bring to me everyday. 20 days to forever baby.

Oh, and also....


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Blissful blues broken by beauty,
Begins a new passage.
Is it self discovery?
Is it recovery?
Are our paths meant to intersect?
In retrospect, spectated by divinity.
I begin to feel, the prism scene.
She surrounds me in a hue only i can see.
Only miles to breathe,
therefore the air thats there
is shared through we.
Through she, i need.
A new breed indeed.
She see's sea's of tranquility in my eyes.
I heed the simplicity of her seasoned life.
Wise, not I, but on the rise I try.
For better or worse, inside or out.
No doubts, no pouts, just shouts of victory.
She delivers me from Evil,
I too am fetal, in love and chivalry.
But misery no more, because she takes up my time.
Her lipstick kisses on my forehead, "makes-up" my mind.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Role Reversal?

So last night, me and my girl are doing our usual chilling, talking and enjoying our winddown time. Of course we begin to discuss somethings that boyfriends' and girlfriends' talk about, u know, sexual things. We are extremely open with each other when it comes to sexual actions, or discussions. Without giving away too many details, my girl said something to me that had be cracking up.

Katie: We should make a porno, but dub our voices with each other's.
Samuel: bahahahahahahahahahahahj3987we78w34hdsdakjfshd
Katie: Yea take that dick girl!
Katie: But try to sound like one of those Asian porno girls.
Samuel: hahahahah783y63923ysdhfsdajkf (then i made some noises, id rather not describe).
Samuel: But we should be fully clothed so our friends can watch it and die laughing.
Katie: Yes, good idea.
Samuel: So, am i gonna still play my normal role, but just have your voice speak for me? Or am i gonna lay there and take it like the champ that you are?
Katie: I dunno, we'll figure it out.

Now, imagine a mock porn, youtube friendly, girl and guy, and the guy's voice is dubbed out with the girls voice, and vice versa. Not only will that be hysterical, but kinda weird.

Don't think for one second ima be getting in any kind of doggy-style position. Missionary might be as far as it goes, I know my girl will enjoy this more than me, lol, but it should be funny as hell, and we will make it tasteful... no pun intended?

Obviously we are comfortable with one another, sexual, mentally, emotionally, in every kind of way. So when we think up these funny idea's, if its something not to be kept between us, why not make other people laugh aswell?

Light hearted things like this are healthy for relationships, maybe its a little outlandish, but i figured i'd let you guys in on the idea because Katie is brilliant. So, stay tuned, cause' we might be dropping that "sex-tape" soon, but to you pervs, ya'll ain't seeing no skin! ..scumbags.

Playoff Time In The City Again

First off, LETS GO SIXER'S!

We'll its that time of year. NBA Playoff basketball. I've been a NBA fan all my life, so 40 games in 40 nights is my favorite time of year, next to march madness.

This year, every single series is good, and competitive, there isn't really any sure shot winners. The games/standings are as listed.


1. Cleveland vs. 8. Detroit >>>> Cleveland is up 2-0
2. Boston vs. 7. Chicago >>>> Series Tied 1-1
3. Orlando vs. 6. PHILADELPHIA! >>>> Series Tied 1-1
4. Atlanta vs. 5. Miami >>>> Series Tied 1-1


1. Los Angles vs. 8. Utah >>>> Los Angles is up 2-0
2. Denver vs. 7. New Orleans >>>> Denver is up 2-0
3. San Antonio vs. 6. Dallas >>>> Series Tied 1-1
4. Portland vs. 5. Houston. >>>> Series Tied 1-1

If you've noticed, theres only 3 series' that aren't tied up, which makes for competitive, nail biting basketball. With a post season like this, the NBA is sure to gain some new fans.

Last night they gave the defensive player of the year award to Dwight Howard (Deservingly So). BUT! who was number #2 and #3 in "votes"? LEBRON JAMES AND DWAYNE WADE. which are also 2 MVP candidates. We haven't seen pure offensive scores, play defense since Michael Jordan. Even Carmello is playing defense now (kinda..). So you NBA haters, who claim the league doesn't play defense, smarten up and watch a game.

The entire playoff's thus far, has had some really close games, we've seen Ray Allen hit a game winner, to tie the series up, and give his team some new hope, even though they were the heavy favorites. We've seen Chauncey Billups perform better in 2 straight games than almost anyone ever. 2 games straight with NO TURN OVERS, back to back 30 point games, son hit every free throw, and like 12/15 Three Pointers...Insane.

We've seen Dwayne Wade, TAKE game 2 over, beasting on the entire Atlanta defense. Lebron is Lebron of course. But some bench players are stepping up to the plate, Courtney Lee helped Orlando beat Philly, Jose Barea, Daequan Cook, ect... have all turned it up in the post season.

So who's gonna win the championship? Who knows? There isn't one team that completely stands out, maybe an LA or Cleveland, But they still got San Antonio and Boston to deal with, and now since the Nuggets look sharp, LA better get their game up.

Some post season injuries have maimed some teams, such as Boston with Garnett and Powe out, New Orleans is just recovering from a slue on injuries, and of course Houston with McGrady out, although they are playing pretty good.

Point being, this entire post season is a toss up, and very exciting to watch. I just want my Sixer's to beat Orlando, and they have a good chance, (sorry skoo, but you know whats good). But regarding the other games, me and my girl will kick it and watch some good, competitive NBA playoff basketball and witness the greatest players in the world push them selves to the limit.

Your Welcome.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some of My Favorite Songs...

[[Jay-Z - Dead Presidents I]]

[[Notorious B.I.G.]]

[[Wu-Tang Clan - Da Mystery of Chessboxin']]

[[Delfonics - LaLaLa]]

[[Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa]]

[[The Shins - Phantom Limb]]

Friday, April 3, 2009

Theory of Everything.

What if...................................

Human Beings as a society really do attain Conscious Levels. Similar to what has been previously explained by a certain branch of Buddha Monks. Meaning, currently we are in a particular "conscious level" lets call it the 3rd, (I don't feel like Wikipedia'in the Buddha's call on it), and about to break through the brink into the 4th level. Which is supposed to allow us to be enlightened in a manner that gives us new abilities. All i know is, i want teleportation, word to psychokinesis.


Our Universe is a subdivision of infinite Universes. Considered "String Theory" by some. However, the average persons personal perception of infinite Universes can differ. I believe all around us are universes, not so much parallel dimensions. But almost like layers of universes times infinity. Si?


God rules all.

What do you think?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

The feeling thickened as droplets of a winter mix avalanched down my windsheild. I hadn't a clue where I was going, but I knew where i wanted to be. As a short day became night, I became weary, frustrated. This isn't a voyage to outter space, but she gets me so high. So indefintely high that infact my intake of dark matter could be measured with a super black hole. So, I thrusted forward, as if her sonar reeled me in. Failure was never an option. Temptation overwhelms my soul more than ever. Let me in. Let me passed the evils and doubts and through the road of victory. Let me journey longer and farther than ever. Together, we are.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Grinds Your Gears? Vol. "Knock It Off"

What Grinds Your Gears? You know, what pisses YOU off? Some people are more resilient than others, but every now and then you get someone or something that just is too annoying or just fucked up. So I wanna know a list of things that bothers YOU.

Heres my list.

People who ask me, if they can ask me a question.

People who are sitting next to me, that rub there dirty shoes on my pant leg.

Parking Tickets.

People who use alternate caps when they type.

People who think they are smart, but the average educated person can tell they are stupid.

Dudes in the bar/club ice-grilling. (Im not here to compete with you homey, dont get mad cuz im flyer).

Drunks girls in the bar/club who are filthy tramps.

Anyone who wears fake Jordans/Sneakers (MJ never authorized that colorway, kick rocks).

Myspace clowns who have extremely long Display names.

Myspace girls who take those cleche` "overhead, slightly to the right," pictures. (you are not cute).

Video game nerds who work at the video game store who wants to lecture me on the pro's and cons of the game im purchasing.

Highway salt making my car look like it just came back from ground zero.

Flat fountain soda.

Fat girls in extra tight clothes.

Overly aggressive sales people.

Cigarette smokers.

Dirty people. (Take a shower you poo-putt).

......okay what Grinds your Gears?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Purple TeRRoRdactyle!

So, some of you may know that I LOVE to make music. I "produce" hip-hop beats, "rap" a little bit, (but rapping isnt cool right?) What I have been most proud of though, is the work I do with the elite 2 man crew known as PURPLE TERRORDACTYLE! Me (Sighfur) and the homey Lil' Ron, aka Ghot Bigga, aka, Medium Ron, aka, Forever 21, aka im shorter than you but im bigger in bed, aka.... okay enough. Anyways, we make up Purple TeRRoRdactyle. The music consists of catchy, contagious chorus's, hysterical rhymes, and impecible flows. Our chemistry on wax is that of a fat girl and her spandex clothes. You know, uhh, always ona roll? I dunno, i couldn't think of a decent metaphor. The point is, we make some good, "feel good" funny, sometimes disgusting, MUSIC. So if you'd like to check us out (shameless plug) visit

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Smoke Me, Im Dope.

I know shes lost.
Barely talks cuz' her mind is sad.
Screaming drown my tears in Dimetapp.
Suicidal in the morning.
Never snoring.. a light sleeper.
Disgusted by life but she still fights the reaper.
Shes got a Sickle of her own.
In her own home shes still foreign.
Pouring 'till the cup is flooded just like her soul.
Eyes blacker than coal skin paler than ghosts.
Smokes when shes nervous.
Swears her purpose was misplaced.
Absent from safe.
Shes one mistake away.
Of realizing she's mortal sinner... just like us,
but her love is thinner than Turnpike dust.
Never lust.
Not love, she can't fathom the emotion.
She keeps floating.
Comatose without devotion.
Her adjuration has her waiting,
but ambition is all.
So she falls from her conscious,
'till her condition is hauled.
Barely flawed...
However, shes miles from perfect.
Rarely surfaces.
But once in a while,
she grips the fact,
that shes merely a child.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Rap Is A Circus, And There's Too Many Clowns.

Wassup with Hip-Hop? Im not talking about REAL Hip-Hop, you know, Rakim, EPMD, Slick Rick, Pharcyde, you know the rest. Im speaking on these Jonas Brothers ass rappers who all rhyme about the same shit.

Let me break down the industry into some brackets.

You got rappers like, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Jim Jones, 50 Cent... ect, who fall into this "consumer driven" category. You see, they don't make their music for themselves, or "homey's" they make that so called "music" for the teenage girls who buy their CD's. Or, for the most part, the teenagers who ARE NOT buying their CD's. Just because one rapper sold a million records with a certain style/rhyme topic, these mentioned rappers attempt to cookie-cut that same exact pattern and put out identical records. However, it isn't completely the artists fault, because the publishing and labels obviously dictate what gets marketed. But all of this is the reason why the "Rap" industry sounds like one big commerical.

In another category, you have the "underground" rapper. Emcee's, if you will. People such as, Deltron 3030, Celph Titled, Apathy, 7L, Immortal Technique. These are rappers who have the ability to rhyme well, and also rap about things most "consumers" have no clue about. But to them, thats the point. Sitting down with their favorite instrumental and a Websters Thesaurus is how they write a verse. WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT? Who cares about a rapper rhyming about astrophysics, and subatomic particles. I'd rather listen to Stephen Hawking spit, atleast he'd actually make sense. (I bet that generic telephone voice Stephen Hawking uses could rhyme over any beat!). Anyways, my point is, these particular Emcee's, have no idea how to make a song. They have no musical ability, hence, leaving them with no proper rhyme delivery, and a boring monotone sound. Learn to read music first kiddo's.

Moving on, we have a certain category in Hip-Hop considerably called "The New-Breed". These are rappers like, B.O.B., Kid Cudi, Charles Hamilton, 88 Keys, Mickey Factz, Fashawn, Blu, and many more. These rappers are all fairly young and mostly all of them have not released a debut album yet. All of them are attempting to sound "different" and be refreshing. Granted they are different and somewhat refreshing to listen to, but we all know, out of those 7 rappers i listed, maybe 1 will be around in the next 5 years. Unlike the first category, including 50 cent, and Jeezy, ect. This "new-breed" of rappers, are all trying to be "different" which contrarily makes them all the same. Most of these new school acts, think they can "sing". They wear tight weirdo/retro clothes, which will fade out quicker than long ass white T's, and cross-colors. Don't get me wrong, some of these rappers are currently making some good music, and i actually like most of the artists i mentioned. But my point is, where is the long gevity? I see no signs of these rappers being industry veterans. BE DIFFERENT NOT A WEIRDO.

Lastly, ahhhhhh, my favorite group of Emcee's, our only last hope. Mos Def! Kweli! Little Brother! ANDRE MUTHA-FUCKIN 3000! Q-Tip! Ghostface! And a group we owe our ears and attention to, THE ROOTS! Now, this is Hip-Hop, this is what teenagers should be listening to, if they are Hip-Hop fans. These rappers, have all the strong points of the emcee's listed in the privious brackets, and lack all the things wrong with those same rappers. All of these rappers are industry veterans, they are all STILL making music, and GOOD music for that matter. Always refreshing to listen to, and any person with integrity can relate to them. So to you Rappers that are keeping Hip-Hop alive, and away from the disco disease, THANK YOU.

Im not upset with the Hip-Hop industry, I just listen to who still makes Hip-Hop music. Not to be confused with Hip-Pop. Much props to you money making rappers, but where is your musical integrity, make music for yourself, for your friends, for the Love of it. And i promise, the consumers will HAVE to adjust, and Hip-Hop can be as respected as it once was.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Im Dope When I Wanna Be...

I seen her strut pass me with the hallowest look.
Hips swinging, lips missing out the collogen look.
Cover girl dreaming, but her perceptions tainted.
The perfect canvas, now she wants it repainted.
Skin too thick to see beyond the flesh,
no longer feels whats beyond her chest.
But her heart ain't the reason.
Society is.
Perfection isnt beauty,
variety is.
Not polygamy, differences.
She only see's the dividends.
Richer when shes pretty is her cause and effect,
and all the pressures of the city seem to cause her neglect.
Abandoned herself tryna get an upgrade.
Now she gets nautious at the thought of a cupcake.
Only skinny, gorgeous women are popular she feels.
So she breaks every mirror and throws up her meals.
Loves the winter season, because she covers her flaws.
A pain killer addiction, seems to shut out her calls.
It aint ya face or ya body.
Its ya faith and your hobbys.
Your brains and your will.
Your dreams and your skill.
Opinions and affection.
Beginings and the ending.
Love is all she needs, but she can't seem to recieve.
Because her soul is asleep, and she hates your help.
How can you love her if she doesnt love herself?

Break Beats, Not Hearts.

So, i was listening to J Dilla (my biggest musical influence). Track 27 "U-Love" off his infamous Donuts album. Pardon the briefing for those who have a certain reverence for Dilla like i do. Anyways, upon listening to this amazing instrumentation of Dilla's Soul, i began to think about my Girl. She frequently enters my mind when im listening to good, soulful, love inspired music. Although the track is one minute long, i kept it on repeat for almost ten minutes. I soon became oblivious to my surroundings, and at this point, i was in deep thought. Numerous things may have entered my mind, but She remained the focal. Although this wasn't my first realization of Love, and Loving her, i commenced to understand how delicate her Heart is, how powerful our Love is, and how fragile i'd feel without her. However, these feelings didn't propose fear. Paradoxically, i felt happy, and proud.

You see, our Love isn't judged by affection or attractiveness, (even though she's fine as fuck, and loves to do stuff to me). It is arbitrated by our boundless appreciation, understanding, satisfaction and our emotional bilateralism.

Conclusively, heart breaking, or being broken hearted isn't a fear of mine. Some of you may say im blinded, but she's got my eyes wide open, my third eye's got 20/20 vision. Trust, i've had a broken heart before, its bitter. But listening to this J Dilla "break beat" has epiphanized me. So with all this being said................................ BREAK BEATS NOT HEARTS!