Thursday, April 23, 2009

Role Reversal?

So last night, me and my girl are doing our usual chilling, talking and enjoying our winddown time. Of course we begin to discuss somethings that boyfriends' and girlfriends' talk about, u know, sexual things. We are extremely open with each other when it comes to sexual actions, or discussions. Without giving away too many details, my girl said something to me that had be cracking up.

Katie: We should make a porno, but dub our voices with each other's.
Samuel: bahahahahahahahahahahahj3987we78w34hdsdakjfshd
Katie: Yea take that dick girl!
Katie: But try to sound like one of those Asian porno girls.
Samuel: hahahahah783y63923ysdhfsdajkf (then i made some noises, id rather not describe).
Samuel: But we should be fully clothed so our friends can watch it and die laughing.
Katie: Yes, good idea.
Samuel: So, am i gonna still play my normal role, but just have your voice speak for me? Or am i gonna lay there and take it like the champ that you are?
Katie: I dunno, we'll figure it out.

Now, imagine a mock porn, youtube friendly, girl and guy, and the guy's voice is dubbed out with the girls voice, and vice versa. Not only will that be hysterical, but kinda weird.

Don't think for one second ima be getting in any kind of doggy-style position. Missionary might be as far as it goes, I know my girl will enjoy this more than me, lol, but it should be funny as hell, and we will make it tasteful... no pun intended?

Obviously we are comfortable with one another, sexual, mentally, emotionally, in every kind of way. So when we think up these funny idea's, if its something not to be kept between us, why not make other people laugh aswell?

Light hearted things like this are healthy for relationships, maybe its a little outlandish, but i figured i'd let you guys in on the idea because Katie is brilliant. So, stay tuned, cause' we might be dropping that "sex-tape" soon, but to you pervs, ya'll ain't seeing no skin! ..scumbags.


micAh! said...


K-Dub said...

Micah, you're just too cool for school. I didnt expect you to say anything but hatred and fuckery.

Sighfur said...

Blank Stare? Hopefully its directed to Katie, your shades are too cool for me.

Tommy said...

^^^^lol got em

Anonymous said...

That was way to funny lol.. Katie is hella funny!!

ROTFL @ sound like one of those asian porno girls!!!