Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hip-Hop Horray

Few topics at hand. One being the release of SHYNE! Free-at-last.

Remember Shyne? Dude was riding with puff, until poppa-diddy-pop dropped dimes on dude quicker than undercover gay rappers. Well, Shyne is out of prison. I expect music from him real soon, the anticipation for new Shyne Po music isn't as great as before but none the less, im sure dude has something to say. We'll see how this plays out...

So, what about Slaughterhouse? They've been buzzing hard this week, with that OnDaSpot freestyle up at the Green Lantern Show..(Joel went in the hardest). Their album comes out in August, and im expecting it to be something we haven't heard ina while. Some good Hip-Hop, that puts clowns in place. I Guess that D-O-A track Jay put out is rubbing off on dudes. Yep, ya colors too bright, ya voice too light.....

I was checking out and I came across a dude by the name of Mayer Hawthorne. I was taken back by the refreshing music he's been dropping. Mayer Hawthorne and The County initially dropped these "A Few Tracks" as a joke, due to its old Mo-town-ish sound. But damn, his shit is well arranged, cleverly sang and written, and what a change to actually hear background vocals being sang by other people other than the main vocalist. Its like Smokey Robinson meets J Dilla. Check out his video for "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out"

So I hear Raekwon is upset with Nas for ducking out on him hard. Chef has been trying to get Nas to feature on OBF Cuban Linx II, and I guess Nas has been giving him the cold shoulder, word to Adele. Rae sounds upset.... Beef? Diss Records? Hopefully....

How many rapers you think will get on that Jay-Z Death of Autotune beat? A Milli?