Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Im Dope When I Wanna Be...

I seen her strut pass me with the hallowest look.
Hips swinging, lips missing out the collogen look.
Cover girl dreaming, but her perceptions tainted.
The perfect canvas, now she wants it repainted.
Skin too thick to see beyond the flesh,
no longer feels whats beyond her chest.
But her heart ain't the reason.
Society is.
Perfection isnt beauty,
variety is.
Not polygamy, differences.
She only see's the dividends.
Richer when shes pretty is her cause and effect,
and all the pressures of the city seem to cause her neglect.
Abandoned herself tryna get an upgrade.
Now she gets nautious at the thought of a cupcake.
Only skinny, gorgeous women are popular she feels.
So she breaks every mirror and throws up her meals.
Loves the winter season, because she covers her flaws.
A pain killer addiction, seems to shut out her calls.
It aint ya face or ya body.
Its ya faith and your hobbys.
Your brains and your will.
Your dreams and your skill.
Opinions and affection.
Beginings and the ending.
Love is all she needs, but she can't seem to recieve.
Because her soul is asleep, and she hates your help.
How can you love her if she doesnt love herself?


asia kismet said...

nice...but you already know this ;)