Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Grinds Your Gears? Vol. "Knock It Off"

What Grinds Your Gears? You know, what pisses YOU off? Some people are more resilient than others, but every now and then you get someone or something that just is too annoying or just fucked up. So I wanna know a list of things that bothers YOU.

Heres my list.

People who ask me, if they can ask me a question.

People who are sitting next to me, that rub there dirty shoes on my pant leg.

Parking Tickets.

People who use alternate caps when they type.

People who think they are smart, but the average educated person can tell they are stupid.

Dudes in the bar/club ice-grilling. (Im not here to compete with you homey, dont get mad cuz im flyer).

Drunks girls in the bar/club who are filthy tramps.

Anyone who wears fake Jordans/Sneakers (MJ never authorized that colorway, kick rocks).

Myspace clowns who have extremely long Display names.

Myspace girls who take those cleche` "overhead, slightly to the right," pictures. (you are not cute).

Video game nerds who work at the video game store who wants to lecture me on the pro's and cons of the game im purchasing.

Highway salt making my car look like it just came back from ground zero.

Flat fountain soda.

Fat girls in extra tight clothes.

Overly aggressive sales people.

Cigarette smokers.

Dirty people. (Take a shower you poo-putt).

......okay what Grinds your Gears?


asia kismet said...

1. cartons of empty juice containers left in the fridge [and why do they insist on drinking all my tropicana peach...take the fruit punch]
2. plate diggers. i can't stand when i'm eating something and people dig into my plate like it's theirs...ask me first.
3. when people you thought were cool pretend that they are you by claiming to do the music you do...[oh wait that one's yours] hahahahahaha
4. collection agencies grind my how the hell did they find me out here in NY? [lol i'm kidding sorta...]

Jenny Fidelity said...

1. When people make a list of things that "grind their gears" like people actually give a fluck what annoys them. (I love you Spam)

2. People who think because I don't talk ignorantly I am somehow "less black" then them. (Eff you.)

3. Contradiction. (I actually just did this to myself by making this list and listing number one.) He he

4. Work. I HATE work. ( I'm about to be late 20 minutes)

5. People who let their kids act a damn fool in public. (It's legal to smack your child!)


Jenny Fidelity said...

Oh and. HA HA HA HA HA @ Asias' numero three.

K-Dub said...

It really grinds my gears when:
-Someone isnt suppose to talk on the phone until after 9 but insists on talking before.
-People buy me stuff.
-I think about being far away from you :(

La'Donna's Random Rants said...

1. when the bus drivers are late and take their damn time driving making me late! ugh!

2. Pretentious people.. seriously they can go and suck a nut!


4. Rude people

5 .When people eat any orange looking citrus fruit around me and then after eating it touch other shit and not wash their hands! that smell lingers!

6 .oh when you go the club and all this muthafuckers are just standing and posing and looking at me like im crazy because i am dancing! Don't Pose, Just Dance!!

7. Office Politics--- shit is so tedious and ridiculous its a damn shame, grown adults in a office actin like teenagers at high school!

8. When K-dub aka becky relies on WENDY'S instead of a nutritious home cooked meal! lol day K-dub imma teach u and Sammy how to cook!:p

PS I have more stuff that grind my gears.... these are just the ones that popped up in my head lol

K-Dub said...

LOLLL @ 8.. I'll learn slowly but surely how to cook, I promise!

Jillian said...

sigh...i do the overhead picture thing...*moment of silence*

that's a great list though lol...i can't think of a list of things at the moment hahahaha