Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Purple TeRRoRdactyle!

So, some of you may know that I LOVE to make music. I "produce" hip-hop beats, "rap" a little bit, (but rapping isnt cool right?) What I have been most proud of though, is the work I do with the elite 2 man crew known as PURPLE TERRORDACTYLE! Me (Sighfur) and the homey Lil' Ron, aka Ghot Bigga, aka, Medium Ron, aka, Forever 21, aka im shorter than you but im bigger in bed, aka.... okay enough. Anyways, we make up Purple TeRRoRdactyle. The music consists of catchy, contagious chorus's, hysterical rhymes, and impecible flows. Our chemistry on wax is that of a fat girl and her spandex clothes. You know, uhh, always ona roll? I dunno, i couldn't think of a decent metaphor. The point is, we make some good, "feel good" funny, sometimes disgusting, MUSIC. So if you'd like to check us out (shameless plug) visit