Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Blissful blues broken by beauty,
Begins a new passage.
Is it self discovery?
Is it recovery?
Are our paths meant to intersect?
In retrospect, spectated by divinity.
I begin to feel, the prism scene.
She surrounds me in a hue only i can see.
Only miles to breathe,
therefore the air thats there
is shared through we.
Through she, i need.
A new breed indeed.
She see's sea's of tranquility in my eyes.
I heed the simplicity of her seasoned life.
Wise, not I, but on the rise I try.
For better or worse, inside or out.
No doubts, no pouts, just shouts of victory.
She delivers me from Evil,
I too am fetal, in love and chivalry.
But misery no more, because she takes up my time.
Her lipstick kisses on my forehead, "makes-up" my mind.


K-Dub said...

BABYYY!!! OMG, I love it. It's beautiful, and amazing, and very heart felt. I love you!

Jillian said...

"I too am fetal, in love and chivalry"
learning and continued growth is always positive...and it's even more beautiful when you find or have someone to nurture that..

"Her lipstick kisses on my forehead, "makes-up" my mind"....favorite line

Hope you are having a great week! :)