Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Purple TeRRoRdactyle!

So, some of you may know that I LOVE to make music. I "produce" hip-hop beats, "rap" a little bit, (but rapping isnt cool right?) What I have been most proud of though, is the work I do with the elite 2 man crew known as PURPLE TERRORDACTYLE! Me (Sighfur) and the homey Lil' Ron, aka Ghot Bigga, aka, Medium Ron, aka, Forever 21, aka im shorter than you but im bigger in bed, aka.... okay enough. Anyways, we make up Purple TeRRoRdactyle. The music consists of catchy, contagious chorus's, hysterical rhymes, and impecible flows. Our chemistry on wax is that of a fat girl and her spandex clothes. You know, uhh, always ona roll? I dunno, i couldn't think of a decent metaphor. The point is, we make some good, "feel good" funny, sometimes disgusting, MUSIC. So if you'd like to check us out (shameless plug) visit

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Smoke Me, Im Dope.

I know shes lost.
Barely talks cuz' her mind is sad.
Screaming drown my tears in Dimetapp.
Suicidal in the morning.
Never snoring.. a light sleeper.
Disgusted by life but she still fights the reaper.
Shes got a Sickle of her own.
In her own home shes still foreign.
Pouring 'till the cup is flooded just like her soul.
Eyes blacker than coal skin paler than ghosts.
Smokes when shes nervous.
Swears her purpose was misplaced.
Absent from safe.
Shes one mistake away.
Of realizing she's mortal sinner... just like us,
but her love is thinner than Turnpike dust.
Never lust.
Not love, she can't fathom the emotion.
She keeps floating.
Comatose without devotion.
Her adjuration has her waiting,
but ambition is all.
So she falls from her conscious,
'till her condition is hauled.
Barely flawed...
However, shes miles from perfect.
Rarely surfaces.
But once in a while,
she grips the fact,
that shes merely a child.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Rap Is A Circus, And There's Too Many Clowns.

Wassup with Hip-Hop? Im not talking about REAL Hip-Hop, you know, Rakim, EPMD, Slick Rick, Pharcyde, you know the rest. Im speaking on these Jonas Brothers ass rappers who all rhyme about the same shit.

Let me break down the industry into some brackets.

You got rappers like, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Jim Jones, 50 Cent... ect, who fall into this "consumer driven" category. You see, they don't make their music for themselves, or "homey's" they make that so called "music" for the teenage girls who buy their CD's. Or, for the most part, the teenagers who ARE NOT buying their CD's. Just because one rapper sold a million records with a certain style/rhyme topic, these mentioned rappers attempt to cookie-cut that same exact pattern and put out identical records. However, it isn't completely the artists fault, because the publishing and labels obviously dictate what gets marketed. But all of this is the reason why the "Rap" industry sounds like one big commerical.

In another category, you have the "underground" rapper. Emcee's, if you will. People such as, Deltron 3030, Celph Titled, Apathy, 7L, Immortal Technique. These are rappers who have the ability to rhyme well, and also rap about things most "consumers" have no clue about. But to them, thats the point. Sitting down with their favorite instrumental and a Websters Thesaurus is how they write a verse. WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT? Who cares about a rapper rhyming about astrophysics, and subatomic particles. I'd rather listen to Stephen Hawking spit, atleast he'd actually make sense. (I bet that generic telephone voice Stephen Hawking uses could rhyme over any beat!). Anyways, my point is, these particular Emcee's, have no idea how to make a song. They have no musical ability, hence, leaving them with no proper rhyme delivery, and a boring monotone sound. Learn to read music first kiddo's.

Moving on, we have a certain category in Hip-Hop considerably called "The New-Breed". These are rappers like, B.O.B., Kid Cudi, Charles Hamilton, 88 Keys, Mickey Factz, Fashawn, Blu, and many more. These rappers are all fairly young and mostly all of them have not released a debut album yet. All of them are attempting to sound "different" and be refreshing. Granted they are different and somewhat refreshing to listen to, but we all know, out of those 7 rappers i listed, maybe 1 will be around in the next 5 years. Unlike the first category, including 50 cent, and Jeezy, ect. This "new-breed" of rappers, are all trying to be "different" which contrarily makes them all the same. Most of these new school acts, think they can "sing". They wear tight weirdo/retro clothes, which will fade out quicker than long ass white T's, and cross-colors. Don't get me wrong, some of these rappers are currently making some good music, and i actually like most of the artists i mentioned. But my point is, where is the long gevity? I see no signs of these rappers being industry veterans. BE DIFFERENT NOT A WEIRDO.

Lastly, ahhhhhh, my favorite group of Emcee's, our only last hope. Mos Def! Kweli! Little Brother! ANDRE MUTHA-FUCKIN 3000! Q-Tip! Ghostface! And a group we owe our ears and attention to, THE ROOTS! Now, this is Hip-Hop, this is what teenagers should be listening to, if they are Hip-Hop fans. These rappers, have all the strong points of the emcee's listed in the privious brackets, and lack all the things wrong with those same rappers. All of these rappers are industry veterans, they are all STILL making music, and GOOD music for that matter. Always refreshing to listen to, and any person with integrity can relate to them. So to you Rappers that are keeping Hip-Hop alive, and away from the disco disease, THANK YOU.

Im not upset with the Hip-Hop industry, I just listen to who still makes Hip-Hop music. Not to be confused with Hip-Pop. Much props to you money making rappers, but where is your musical integrity, make music for yourself, for your friends, for the Love of it. And i promise, the consumers will HAVE to adjust, and Hip-Hop can be as respected as it once was.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Im Dope When I Wanna Be...

I seen her strut pass me with the hallowest look.
Hips swinging, lips missing out the collogen look.
Cover girl dreaming, but her perceptions tainted.
The perfect canvas, now she wants it repainted.
Skin too thick to see beyond the flesh,
no longer feels whats beyond her chest.
But her heart ain't the reason.
Society is.
Perfection isnt beauty,
variety is.
Not polygamy, differences.
She only see's the dividends.
Richer when shes pretty is her cause and effect,
and all the pressures of the city seem to cause her neglect.
Abandoned herself tryna get an upgrade.
Now she gets nautious at the thought of a cupcake.
Only skinny, gorgeous women are popular she feels.
So she breaks every mirror and throws up her meals.
Loves the winter season, because she covers her flaws.
A pain killer addiction, seems to shut out her calls.
It aint ya face or ya body.
Its ya faith and your hobbys.
Your brains and your will.
Your dreams and your skill.
Opinions and affection.
Beginings and the ending.
Love is all she needs, but she can't seem to recieve.
Because her soul is asleep, and she hates your help.
How can you love her if she doesnt love herself?

Break Beats, Not Hearts.

So, i was listening to J Dilla (my biggest musical influence). Track 27 "U-Love" off his infamous Donuts album. Pardon the briefing for those who have a certain reverence for Dilla like i do. Anyways, upon listening to this amazing instrumentation of Dilla's Soul, i began to think about my Girl. She frequently enters my mind when im listening to good, soulful, love inspired music. Although the track is one minute long, i kept it on repeat for almost ten minutes. I soon became oblivious to my surroundings, and at this point, i was in deep thought. Numerous things may have entered my mind, but She remained the focal. Although this wasn't my first realization of Love, and Loving her, i commenced to understand how delicate her Heart is, how powerful our Love is, and how fragile i'd feel without her. However, these feelings didn't propose fear. Paradoxically, i felt happy, and proud.

You see, our Love isn't judged by affection or attractiveness, (even though she's fine as fuck, and loves to do stuff to me). It is arbitrated by our boundless appreciation, understanding, satisfaction and our emotional bilateralism.

Conclusively, heart breaking, or being broken hearted isn't a fear of mine. Some of you may say im blinded, but she's got my eyes wide open, my third eye's got 20/20 vision. Trust, i've had a broken heart before, its bitter. But listening to this J Dilla "break beat" has epiphanized me. So with all this being said................................ BREAK BEATS NOT HEARTS!