Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Blissful blues broken by beauty,
Begins a new passage.
Is it self discovery?
Is it recovery?
Are our paths meant to intersect?
In retrospect, spectated by divinity.
I begin to feel, the prism scene.
She surrounds me in a hue only i can see.
Only miles to breathe,
therefore the air thats there
is shared through we.
Through she, i need.
A new breed indeed.
She see's sea's of tranquility in my eyes.
I heed the simplicity of her seasoned life.
Wise, not I, but on the rise I try.
For better or worse, inside or out.
No doubts, no pouts, just shouts of victory.
She delivers me from Evil,
I too am fetal, in love and chivalry.
But misery no more, because she takes up my time.
Her lipstick kisses on my forehead, "makes-up" my mind.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Role Reversal?

So last night, me and my girl are doing our usual chilling, talking and enjoying our winddown time. Of course we begin to discuss somethings that boyfriends' and girlfriends' talk about, u know, sexual things. We are extremely open with each other when it comes to sexual actions, or discussions. Without giving away too many details, my girl said something to me that had be cracking up.

Katie: We should make a porno, but dub our voices with each other's.
Samuel: bahahahahahahahahahahahj3987we78w34hdsdakjfshd
Katie: Yea take that dick girl!
Katie: But try to sound like one of those Asian porno girls.
Samuel: hahahahah783y63923ysdhfsdajkf (then i made some noises, id rather not describe).
Samuel: But we should be fully clothed so our friends can watch it and die laughing.
Katie: Yes, good idea.
Samuel: So, am i gonna still play my normal role, but just have your voice speak for me? Or am i gonna lay there and take it like the champ that you are?
Katie: I dunno, we'll figure it out.

Now, imagine a mock porn, youtube friendly, girl and guy, and the guy's voice is dubbed out with the girls voice, and vice versa. Not only will that be hysterical, but kinda weird.

Don't think for one second ima be getting in any kind of doggy-style position. Missionary might be as far as it goes, I know my girl will enjoy this more than me, lol, but it should be funny as hell, and we will make it tasteful... no pun intended?

Obviously we are comfortable with one another, sexual, mentally, emotionally, in every kind of way. So when we think up these funny idea's, if its something not to be kept between us, why not make other people laugh aswell?

Light hearted things like this are healthy for relationships, maybe its a little outlandish, but i figured i'd let you guys in on the idea because Katie is brilliant. So, stay tuned, cause' we might be dropping that "sex-tape" soon, but to you pervs, ya'll ain't seeing no skin! ..scumbags.

Playoff Time In The City Again

First off, LETS GO SIXER'S!

We'll its that time of year. NBA Playoff basketball. I've been a NBA fan all my life, so 40 games in 40 nights is my favorite time of year, next to march madness.

This year, every single series is good, and competitive, there isn't really any sure shot winners. The games/standings are as listed.


1. Cleveland vs. 8. Detroit >>>> Cleveland is up 2-0
2. Boston vs. 7. Chicago >>>> Series Tied 1-1
3. Orlando vs. 6. PHILADELPHIA! >>>> Series Tied 1-1
4. Atlanta vs. 5. Miami >>>> Series Tied 1-1


1. Los Angles vs. 8. Utah >>>> Los Angles is up 2-0
2. Denver vs. 7. New Orleans >>>> Denver is up 2-0
3. San Antonio vs. 6. Dallas >>>> Series Tied 1-1
4. Portland vs. 5. Houston. >>>> Series Tied 1-1

If you've noticed, theres only 3 series' that aren't tied up, which makes for competitive, nail biting basketball. With a post season like this, the NBA is sure to gain some new fans.

Last night they gave the defensive player of the year award to Dwight Howard (Deservingly So). BUT! who was number #2 and #3 in "votes"? LEBRON JAMES AND DWAYNE WADE. which are also 2 MVP candidates. We haven't seen pure offensive scores, play defense since Michael Jordan. Even Carmello is playing defense now (kinda..). So you NBA haters, who claim the league doesn't play defense, smarten up and watch a game.

The entire playoff's thus far, has had some really close games, we've seen Ray Allen hit a game winner, to tie the series up, and give his team some new hope, even though they were the heavy favorites. We've seen Chauncey Billups perform better in 2 straight games than almost anyone ever. 2 games straight with NO TURN OVERS, back to back 30 point games, son hit every free throw, and like 12/15 Three Pointers...Insane.

We've seen Dwayne Wade, TAKE game 2 over, beasting on the entire Atlanta defense. Lebron is Lebron of course. But some bench players are stepping up to the plate, Courtney Lee helped Orlando beat Philly, Jose Barea, Daequan Cook, ect... have all turned it up in the post season.

So who's gonna win the championship? Who knows? There isn't one team that completely stands out, maybe an LA or Cleveland, But they still got San Antonio and Boston to deal with, and now since the Nuggets look sharp, LA better get their game up.

Some post season injuries have maimed some teams, such as Boston with Garnett and Powe out, New Orleans is just recovering from a slue on injuries, and of course Houston with McGrady out, although they are playing pretty good.

Point being, this entire post season is a toss up, and very exciting to watch. I just want my Sixer's to beat Orlando, and they have a good chance, (sorry skoo, but you know whats good). But regarding the other games, me and my girl will kick it and watch some good, competitive NBA playoff basketball and witness the greatest players in the world push them selves to the limit.

Your Welcome.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some of My Favorite Songs...

[[Jay-Z - Dead Presidents I]]

[[Notorious B.I.G.]]

[[Wu-Tang Clan - Da Mystery of Chessboxin']]

[[Delfonics - LaLaLa]]

[[Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa]]

[[The Shins - Phantom Limb]]

Friday, April 3, 2009

Theory of Everything.

What if...................................

Human Beings as a society really do attain Conscious Levels. Similar to what has been previously explained by a certain branch of Buddha Monks. Meaning, currently we are in a particular "conscious level" lets call it the 3rd, (I don't feel like Wikipedia'in the Buddha's call on it), and about to break through the brink into the 4th level. Which is supposed to allow us to be enlightened in a manner that gives us new abilities. All i know is, i want teleportation, word to psychokinesis.


Our Universe is a subdivision of infinite Universes. Considered "String Theory" by some. However, the average persons personal perception of infinite Universes can differ. I believe all around us are universes, not so much parallel dimensions. But almost like layers of universes times infinity. Si?


God rules all.

What do you think?