Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nature Walk

It was an overcast Tuesday, not much to do besides work, and chill. So me and the Woman decided to find "Cattus Island" one of New Jersey's many National Parks. Lucky for us, it was about ten minutes away, and right near a known shopping center. We drove in, parked the whip, and began an escapade never charted before.. (by us).

Cattus Island, isn't THAT nice i guess, its just a giant Marsh, with lots of trails, quiet, beautiful in its own way i guess.

However, there was a "Butterfly Garden" but I ain't see no Butterflies.....

Anyways, after getting past the overwhelming Flutterby Garden, we got on a trail. Surrounded by trees we eventually came across a clearing, and were now surrounded by marsh. THEN! All of a sudden! Could it be?! ...A Tree was spotted, leaning like a worn down timberland sole.. (you know the gumby fade on the back) it leaned towards the marsh water, as if it was dying of thirst, and natural instinct forced it wayward, like a wilted flower bending for a drink. But the Tree looked like natures own hammock, so i laid on it (thanks Katie).

After this short rest, we kept it moving. A crossroad was up ahead, but beyond the path were two trees, isolated like lonely outcasts listening to gangster rap. Photo opp was on the horizon...

but i needed to get closer...

Now that i was winded, it was time to head back to civilization.

Whew..... word to Steve Irwin, this nature shit is tough.


K-Dub said...

I loved walking around in the wilderness with you today! Lets do it again soon!