Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Ever have a dream where you wake up and can remember specific names or locations you dreamed about?

Okay, so I just kinda turned 25, late May, and never in my life have I ever had a dream where i could wake up and remember a name, or specific place I was. I won't get into details, but i'm just curious, if people normally can remember a certain name they were told in a dream, or read in a dream. Or a certain street sign, they read or were told. Things of that nature.

I usually remember dreams, but I don't ever recall remembering names, titles, streets, or locations. Maybe its my "elder wisdom" ..maybe its the Milky-ways I eat before i go to sleep now.. maybe its having my lovely girlfriend next to me everynight, which gives me the security to not have to concern myself outside of dreamland, while I dream, which allows me to be indepth during my dreams now............. okay that was a little deep for some of yall....

Anyways, who has dreams like this, and tell me about them.