Monday, May 25, 2009

Natalie Portman Spitting Fire!

P is for Portman! P is for Pussy!


Friday, May 22, 2009


No, his name is actually Ralphie, but Katie has been calling him Bruno for some funny reason.

Katie and I have been house/dog sitting for my Aunt, for a few days. Nothing Major, because I live about five minutes away. But Ralphie is a pain in the ass, he's a Springer Spaniel, and a stubborn fuck, annoying as hell, and a sloppy little bastard. Always licking, and coughing and doing all sorts of unGodly things.

We dont necessarily have to walk him, bcuz the backyard is big enough for him to shit and piss all over.

This little fuck woke me up at 5:22am this morning, gets to the backdoor, and stands there waiting for me to step outside before he laid a paw out the house. Audacious cunt.

So my task was to take care of "Bruno." While Katie has the pleasure of watering all the plants/gardens my Aunt has. Not a big deal, but theres all sorts of wildlife back there. Bugs, Bee's, Birds, Catterpillars, SPIDERS! Yeh, all the things Katie loves...laugh out loud. So she's a little precautious while watering some plants.....chump.

Anyways, after the Woman gets out the shower, were gonna get some grub.

I smell some nasty shit, and Ralphie is right below me, sprawled out like a fucking lurch, whatever that is. "Bruno The Shitface" strikes again.

We Love him though. Any stains will be blamed on him :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Something for the Lady.

My outlook on life has drastically changed over the past 20 days. The reason for that being, i've spent 24/7 of those 20 days, with my Girlfriend. She has opened my eyes on many things. Mainly, she showed me unintentionally, how to feel confident with being myself. See, i can't be anyone but me, and now knowing she Loves me, for who i am, allows me to be carefree on judgement. Her smile every morning gives a new appreciation to Life, to Love. She makes me more ambitious and want to be a better man. These are bold statements, however, her acceptance of me, gives me the freedom to be as profound as possible.

My family LOVES her, which is seldom. But they truely adore her. She doesn't show off for approval, she just chills, converses, laughs, and you can tell she is comfortable. That in itself, is all my family would need for approval. Someone who is comfortable with themselves, goes a long way. Plus they trust my judgement.

So to my Girlfriend, my bestfriend, my woman and Love. Thank you. Thank you for helping me find myself, for the laughter, joy and content you bring to me everyday. 20 days to forever baby.

Oh, and also....